Friday Night Essentials

Tonight I’ve been invited to cover the launch party of Footsie’s latest Mixtape from his King Original series, and even though it will probably be a casual event that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t count towards a glam night 😉

I’ve compiled a list of my essential items for a Friday night, whether you’re going to a bar or a club, or having a chill night out with the girls. Make sure everything is covered!


Primer is an absolute essential when going out because A) it preps the skin for an application of makeup, and B) if you have oily/combination skin (like myself), it helps keeps foundation etc on your face all night. Club situations often get hot and sweaty and makeup tends to slide right off, but with primer it should stay in place a little longer. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll still need to blot but as I said before it helps keeps things neat and tidy! I’m currently using the Mattifying Primer from The Body Shop (lol of course) but since today is payday I’ll be buying the Smashbox version.


Whilst applying blusher is part of my daily makeup routine anyway, the obvious change from a day to night look comes with the colour! In the day I’ll wear more pink or orangey blushes as they’re softer, but when it comes to nighttime the shades intensify. Right now my favorite two blushes are from MAC. Stubborn, which is a Prolongwear blush, and Love Joy, which is a Mineralize blush. Love Joy is the prettiest shade ever. It looks purple when its in the pot but once you apply it comes out with a bronze/gold tone. Absolutely gorgeous! (When I wear this I wont apply a shimmer highlight or bronzer, because it kind of serves as both a blush and highlight). I’m also a fan of Stubborn, which has a raspberry tone, but to be honest if you’re looking for a cheaper option then Sleek do a similar shade called ‘Pink Parfait‘. The shade is slightly darker but is a fraction of the price! Mine came in a palette and was £9.99 which is actually a steal because the individual blushes are £4.49.

Tip: It might be tempting to put on more blush than usual if you’re going out, but please don’t! Both MAC and Sleek products are highly pigmented so you only need a light hand when applying 🙂

IMG_0016 IMG_0015






From L-R: Pink Parfait (Sleek), Stubborn (MAC), Love Joy (MAC)


Eyelashes literally used to be my favorite thing in the world a year ago. I used to wear them every single day lol. I still looove them but just stopped wearing them daily. However I will say that I’m convinced my short natural lashes grew because of my lovely falsies! One thing I haven’t done is experiment, I literally found my perfect shape and stuck to them. I had a nightmare two years ago on holiday when I accidentally ordered two packs of the wrong lashes. I was walking around with huggeee long thick drag queen lashes on but tbh who cares when you’re in Ibiza? I get mine from eBay because they’re cheap & cheerful, and I use number 107 by Ardell, or Eyelure Naturalites, also in 107. They have started to introduce Ardell into the UK but at about £7 and nobody honestly has the time for that. Look out for deals on the Naturalites in Superdrug because they sometimes go down to £3/4!

Tip: If you have small eyes then the best lashes for you are shorter & thicker. If you have big eyes like me then less dense lashes with longer hairs look best.


I haven’t decided what lipstick I’m going to wear because it’s the last thing I do, so normally whatever I grab first. Sometimes I might feel like going for a red, or other times keep it low maintenance with a nude or pink! And I have so many nude/pink shades I’ve lost count and always find different colours in bags and coats.

Tip: For some amazing lipstick inspiration, check out THIS video. Thank me later 🙂


Personally I think one of the best parts of going out is the process of getting ready: being in my room with rollers in playing my music loud. My music taste changes every day but at the moment I’ve been playing Curren$y’s latest mixtape, The Drive in Theatre, which you can download here. Or, I’ll always listen to a mix. Fave DJ at the moment is P Montana who always, always kills it. Go on his soundcloud and press play!

With all these things checked off your prep list, the rest is down to you. Hope everyone has a lovely Friday, whatever you do.

Thanks for reading & have fun! x


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